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From LUXOR Light in Perth, Western Australia;

To All Lovers of Jerusalem, and to All of Jerusalem, we in Perth, Western Australia, send our love and our Light to join with you on this most wonderful day the 24.6.2008. We participants of LUXOR Light and friends of Jerusalem look to the numbers of the day. 2+4+6+2+0+0+8=22......the Alpha and the Omega, the frequency of liberation, the power of the sacred number of the circle, the womb of the world, the Master of Greater things to come where greatness is achieved when we gather in ONENESS under this powerful number. 2+4=6 love and 6=love...on this day we can achieve Unity through the power of this loving vibration.
Our heart is your heart, and we are honoured to be able to take part in this occasion with you.
May we open our hearts in the greatness of the One and may Peace Prevail on Earth

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From Riyadh, Saudia Arebia;

Greetings from Riyadh.

A big hug from all the brothers and sisters in Riyadh who know that we are all One and also from those who do not yet know that we are all One but you have had glimpses of that fact.
Shalom = Salaam = Shanti,

From Spain:

Shavua tov Dvora,

Todah for your answer.
Here's my blessing:

Blessing you and embracing you from Sefarad, dear Yerushalayim.
May there be peace within you, Erezt Yisrael and the whole world.
Miss you, wonderful city!


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