Mabel Katz participates in Jerusalem HUG

Mabek KatzI am honored and thrilled at being invited to participate at HUG and LIVE H2O with GrandMother Drum in Jerusalem.  Because the universe is perfect and there are no accidents, the date is the very date I was already planning on being in Jerusalem!
 I am looking forward to this world-changing event where all of us will be part of making a difference and attuning to Peace. Ho'oponopono, which is what I teach, helps people come to that place of peace that is beyond all understanding.  And isn't that just what the HUG and LIVE H2O and GrandMother Drum is all about? 
Ho’oponopono teaches us to take 100 percent responsibility. In my own experience, taking 100 percent responsibility is the shortest path to Peace and Freedom.
My Mission is to awaken people’s consciousness so they can discover who they really are. So they can discover the power they have to change their lives without depending on other people or anything outside themselves.
Ho’oponopono recognizes the power of our thoughts, that everything is “memory." This means that the effect  we have on water through our thoughts is profound.

Mabel Katz specializes in Self-identity through Ho’oponopono (SITH) as taught by Dr.mabel katz Ihaleakala Hew Len. She is an internationally acclaimed keynote speaker, seminar leader, trainer, TV and radio host, author and consultant.
Mabel helps businesses and individuals become more productive, effective and prosperous. For her outstanding work, she has received national and local honors and recognition.

Link to Mabel in Israel:

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