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Water Woodstock for Peace, Health & Sustainability
Laguna Beach, CA— If the whole world is a stage, then this summer “LIVEH2O” will offer a global performance.  It is being called a “high tech Woodstock.”  The Concert for the Living Water, advanced by activists worldwide, is designed to promote peace, health and plenty of clean water.
LIVE H2O is being hosted in more than a dozen countries simultaneously from Japan to Jerusalem, June 19-21, 2009. It is history’s first grassroots organized environmental initiative engaging audiences interactively over the Internet in HD video to raise awareness about the “Universal Solvent.” has created for people everywhere to participate online.
Southern California alone is advancing four venues to accommodate the rising tide of celebrites and Grammy Award winners volunteering to perform during the 72-hour broadcast. Ten broadcasting channels initially planned have been doubled this week to support the international demand for programming.
“LIVE H2O is where science meets consciousness,” explains Sheri Thomas, a Los Angeles marketing executive.  “The plan includes a vibrational experiment using music, water, and positive intention.” 
The science portion is advanced by world leading experts in physics, metaphysics, and musical mathematics. This team is led by internationally known public health authority, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, who conceived the event. The advisors encourage music to be performed in the frequency of 528 Hz, most closely related to LOVE. Equipment will be positioned adjacent important bodies of water.
The consciousness portion is the simultaneous accompaniment of music and voice by expressions of gratitude. A world harmonic sound wave is planned to circle the earth over on Sunday, June 21st. People on and offline will send and receive audio and video streams everywhere for 90 minutes. A sonic hug will be given by people who can't use computers, but have telephones. Their voices will join in teleconference rooms--virtual religious and spiritual sanctuaries--then rebroadcast to join audiences at every venue to create a signal that enters oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams worldwide. This way. everyone gets a chance to musically sprinkle LOVE and thanks to water.
Music industry standards have changed many times over history, including the shifting of musical instrument tunings away from 528 Hz--the C-note used by Gregorian monks.  This ancient musical standard will be transferred into modern songs and sent out across the waters as a thoughtful expression of thanks for all that water provides.
This family friendly “edutainment” experience with musicians, bands, artists, children’s activities, vendors, and speakers promoting water’s importance in peace, health, and sustainability will be broadcast for free beginning Friday, June 19th, over the Internet at   For more information go to: